The public notice database on this site is not a substitute for the official publication that is required by law. You will still find those notices in your local newspaper.
All Across America, Public Notices are your 'Right To Know'

A single database of Public Notices -- which you may know as "Legal Ads" -- has been created by newspapers in a number of states.

Legislatures require many kinds of public notices so you stay informed about government, corporate and private activities that touch your world. Now newspapers that publish them have enhanced the legislative intent and made them available in one place, any time you need it.

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Word search the database manually at no charge, or subscribe to Public Notice Smart Search and have Notices important to you or your company sent to your email address automatically.

Public Notices from nine states are in the database (search each state separately). Just click a link below to get to that state.

Alabama**Georgia**Maryland**New Jersey South Carolina**
Alaska   Hawaii**Massachusetts**New Mexico**South Dakota**
Arizona Idaho**Michigan**New York**Tennessee**
Arkansas Illinois**Minnesota   North Carolina**Texas**
California**Indiana**Mississippi North Dakota**Utah**
District of Columbia**Louisiana**Nevada**Pennsylvania**West Virginia**
Florida**Maine**New Hampshire**Rhode Island   Wisconsin**
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