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County: Clark
Printed In: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Printed On: 2019/09/20

Public Notice:

NOTICE BY THE CITY OF HENDERSON OF PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT OF WEST HENDERSON - BERMUDA WASTEWATER BACKBONE INFRASTRUCTURE RATES Backbone infrastructure is required to support wastewater service to existing and future developments in the West Henderson area. The City of Henderson, Nevada ("City" or "Henderson") has estimated the cost to plan, design, construct, and finance the wastewater backbone infrastructure for approximately 4,135 acres in West Henderson (referred to as the "Bermuda Basin Boundary"), has estimated the capacity of that infrastructure and has identified nine backbone infrastructure segments that are required to be constructed to provide wastewater service to properties from that infrastructure in the Bermuda Basin Boundary. The City proposes that, pursuant to the Henderson City Council's ratemaking authority under Article II, Sections 2.270 and 2.280 of the Henderson City Charter, initial rates of $31.52/equivalent residential unit ("ERU") for Segment 1, $79.45/ERU for Segment 2, $120.56/ERU for Segment 3 and $250.85/ERU for Segment 9 be established based on the cumulative benefit received from each segment of backbone infrastructure constructed and that the City Manager have the authority to adjust these rates to reflect actual costs. The City will charge these rates to projects that the City determines will receive a benefit from one or more of the four segments of wastewater backbone infrastructure planned, designed, constructed, and/or financed in the Bermuda Basin Boundary. This will facilitate orderly construction of permanent wastewater service to existing and future developments within a significant portion of West Henderson. These rates will be addressed in a new section that the City proposes adding to chapter 14.18 of the Henderson Municipal Code (HMC), specifically HMC 14.18.047 - West Henderson-Bermuda Wastewater Backbone Infrastructure Rates. The City will make the following and other information available at a copy of this notice; depiction of the Bermuda Basin Boundary that contains properties that could receive wastewater service through the wastewater backbone infrastructure that will be constructed in this area; and, the proposed ordinance proposed to establish these new rates. Interested persons, including trade associations and owners and officers of businesses that are likely to be affected, may submit data and arguments to the City as to whether the West Henderson-Bermuda Wastewater Backbone Infrastructure Rates and new HMC 14.18.047: 1. Impose a direct and significant economic burden upon a business; or 2. Directly restrict the formation, operation or expansion of a business. The deadline for the City to receive responses to this Notice is 5:00 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. City staff will use the responses received by this deadline to prepare a Business Impact Statement that will be presented to the Henderson City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting. Responses must be submitted in writing to City of Henderson, Department of Utility Services, using one of the contact methods below, and must arrive and be received by the City no later than 5:00 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Comments via City of Henderson website: Comments via mail or other delivery service: City of Henderson Department of Utility Services ATTN: Vicki L. White, Utility Administrative Services Manager 240 Water Street PO Box 95050 MSC #124 Henderson, Nevada 89009-5050 Comments via Email: PUB: Sept. 20, 2019 LV Review-Journal

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