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County: Shelby
Printed In: Daily News, The (Memphis)
Printed On: 2018/12/04

Public Notice:


?????Sealed bids or proposals will be received, from participants by Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division (MLGW) prior to 4:00 PM CDT/CST Tuesday, December 18, 2018 Via MLGW''s iSupplier Portal, Bidders (bidders or respondents) must perform a commercially useful function in the performance of the agreement. If you choose to bring your additional supporting documentation to MLGW, please allow 30 minutes prior to 4:00 PM CDT/CST for MLGW security clearance and delivery of the supporting documentation to the Purchasing Department. The official time of receipt of the supporting documentation will be established in the Purchasing Department and not at the main floor security desk. Bids or proposals will be publicly opened and read at 2:00 PM CDT/CST Wednesday, December 19, 2018, for furnishing MLGW with:
The purchase of approximately forty-four (44) items of light duty vehicles, all in accordance with Division Specification/Bidding Blank via iSupplier Portal;
?????Sealed Bid (RFQ) (or proposal) supporting documentation to be marked "SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION FOR BID (RFQ) ON LIGHT DUTY VEHICLES"
PLEASE NOTE: Under Tennessee Code Annotated ???? 10-7-503 and 10-7-504 bidders or respondents of record may have access for inspection of Bid (RFQ)s or proposals only after MLGW completes the evaluations.
?????Proposals shall be under the appropriate MLGW Bid (RFQ) Requirement Via MLGW''s iSupplier Portal. Any protest must be filed in writing with the Manager of Procurement and Contracts by 5:00 PM CDT/CST within five (5) business days of the notification of intent to award or non-award date. Protest may also be submitted electronically on company letterhead to the Manager of Procurement and Contracts by 5:00 PM CDT/CST at For a copy of the MLGW Procurement Complaints and Appeals Process visit or call (901) 528-4701.
?????MLGW shall give Local Bidding Preference or Local Bidding Presence in the awarding of contracts and making purchases whenever the application of such a preference or presence is reasonable in light of the dollar-value of the bid (RFQ) or proposals received in relation to such expenditures. In order for the Local Bidding Preference or Local Bidding Presence to be used in the evaluation of bids (RFQs) or proposals, all documentation as required in the Local Bidding Preference or Local Bidding Presence Policy must be submitted with the bid (RFQ) or proposal. Provided, however, the established preference or presence does not prohibit MLGW from making awards based on the application of the MLGW Supplier Diversity Policy.
?????MLGW has implemented an iSupplier Portal system in an effort to be more accessible to MLGW''s suppliers. You may access the system via MLGW''s website, or at In order to easily access the location, please bookmark the URL. You may contact the Purchasing Department at (901) 528-4701 for assistance. Suppliers MUST be registered on the iSupplier Portal to submit a bid (RFQ). To register in the iSupplier Portal, click the following and complete the information listed: MLGW iSupplier Portal (New Suppliers) or call MLGW Purchasing Department for assistance. To respond to an open RFQ, send an email to the corresponding Procurement Specialist and request an invite. MLGW will continue to utilize the Online Bid Notification System for public advertising. Suppliers may continue to view available bid openings on the Online Bid Notification System but must submit quotes via iSupplier Portal. For questions, please email
?????Bidders should note that employees of MLGW adhere to certain standards of ethical business conduct. Any bidder or respondent who may be related to an MLGW commissioner, officer, agent or employee is advised to consult the Standards of Business Conduct which can be found at or by calling (901) 528-4381 to receive a copy.
(901) 528-4701

Dec. 4, 2018?????Bnd66224

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