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County: Greenlee
Printed In: Copper Era (Clifton)
Printed On: 2021/02/03

Public Notice:

Greenlee County Treasurer Diane Berube P.O. Box 1227 Clifton, AZ 85533 According to Arizona Revised Statutes, article 42, section 18109: This is to notify you that I will offer at public sale at the office of the Greenlee County Treasurer, Clifton, Arizona, on Thursday, February 18, 2021, commencing at 10:00 AM and on the succeeding days, a tax lien on the below mentioned property, upon which there are delinquent taxes for the year 2019. In an effort to mitigate the spread of covid-19, participants in the tax lien sale are required to adhere to state and local regulations, including social distancing and face coverings. The tax lien will be offered for sale for an amount necessary to pay the taxes with interest, penalties and fee(s) thereon, to-wit: PARCELOWNER NAME AMOUNT 000005694TUCKER JASON/ANNA $57.97 10019006ASTEPHENS SAMUEL CHASE $73.61 20063033 CROWE SHANE $16.72 20067046SAIZ LUPERTO $2,797.74* 20068085JARAMILLO THOMAS A/NORMA R $7.35 20068130CARVIZO IBET$157.91 20068130DARVIZO IBET$217.22 20068130EARVIZO IBET$155.78 20069025JARAMILLO CATHY$552.64 20069031MONTOYA XAVIER T $11.03 20071014RAMIREZ SOPHIA $1,707.60* 20074017APARKER MELISSA$123.55 20074074SEBION DAWN (BD)$379.33 20075010FOWLER HAROLD DAMIAN$155.42 20075041ARIZONA HEALTH CARE COST CONTAINMEN$501.74 20075059SEBION DAWN E/FEWKES JESSE D$251.23 20075067SEBION DAWN E/FEWKES JESSE D$192.65 20076009BACA ALFREDO/MARY ANN $13.34 20077027GONZALES ROSIE MARIE (BD)$753.74* 20077035BAILEY ROBERT W JR $1,498.94* 20079001ABUHAKMEH AMIR$107.10 20080007MERINO STEVEN$404.56* 20082051DMERINO FELIX A $69.20* 20083049DOZIER WALTER J$549.39* 20083058SPEARS KINDLE T/ ERIN$390.17 20083067KLINE JUSTINANO/CONSUELO (LIFE ESTATE)$285.28 20085001TRACY DORIS E $1,674.32* 20085009GREENWELL TERRIE D/THERESA M$335.37 20085048DOMINGUEZ HAROLD/SANDRA$176.50 20085057 ORDISH ROBERT SHAWN/JESSICA DONELLE$473.85 20086011SARINANA CELINA S $502.21 20086038 MOORMAN CHRIS $277.99 20086045RIVERA SHEILA/GARCIA STEPHANIE (BD) $1,109.75* 20086052REYES WADDELL B$244.98 20086061FIERRO LILY$237.52* 20089021 ALVAREZ ANALEAH$197.16 20089028BFRYE MATTHEW A $41.38 20091011ALVAREZ ZACHARY J$241.46 20092009JOHNSTON FRANK E $31.65 30004019NNORTH BAY DRYWALL INC$252.74 30004019RNORTH BAY DRYWALL INC$126.10 30013054VICKERS ROBERT/IONA $2,121.32* 30017024MCCLUSKY KATE (BD)$383.79* 30019015COX CHARITY A $73.73 30047014CDAVIS ROBERT K/EVELYN LIVING TRUST $1,322.42* 30048029ECRAWFORD PEGGY $1,962.95* 30048032ALINES THOMAS W/BETHENY GWEN $53.11 30050003LYDOLPH NATALIE$483.80 30050055CABRERA CRUZ$487.47 30052002JOHNSON DANIEL E/DIANA K $44.50* 30052013PENA MARIANO/MARIA $4,448.62* 30055004SUTHERLAND BARTELS KAREN D/BARTELS RI $538.82 30056012TEETER RONALD L$631.56 30057087TEETER RONALD L $99.60 30057095JSWANN WAYNE B/TERRY A $99.60 30067006ACHEPINSKI ARLENE $10.99 30080003GDAVIS JAMES $29.33 30082059AFRASQUILLO DOLORES R$202.49 30083116AHERNANDEZ STEVEN A RAZO $99.84* 30083116BZAMORA MANUEL A/JOSEFINA J $72.38 30083128AFLANAGAN SAUNDRA $93.81 30085014ANDAZOLA VIOLA (LIFE ESTATE)$147.05* 30086020FLOREZ RAYMOND F $35.47 30086044FISH J DANNY$150.81 30087042FLOREZ ELVIRA L $47.48 30091015BRIGHT EDGE LLC$470.30 30092019CHAVEZ HENRY RAY/STACY$177.63 40028004SEXTON PATRICK $31.32 40033013AMABBITT MICHAEL K /CANITA L $36.92 40033021SANCHEZ FRANK R/BETTY J$204.18 40036018FMAHAN ERLINDA SUE $49.14 40036018GMAHAN ERLINDA SUE $182.77 40045005BSEXTON LANCE $29.47 40049033COX RANDALL $59.62* 40060013ELMER ALVIN C (BD)$151.96 40063002ELMER ALVIN C/BETTY J (BD)$686.05 50001079GREEN STEWART B/DEBORAH A $4,753.87* 50001091TATE BRENT$214.26 50001134BEJARANO JOE A/GLORIA A$249.99 50001145BLOPEZ PATRICIA (DC)$248.16 50001146CBRIGHT EDGE LLC$196.24* 50003011GB ENTERPRISES, LLC$433.43 50007041THYGERSON PATTI ANN$373.79* 50007057THYGERSON PATTI ANN$115.41 50007077DTHYGERSON PATTI ANN$684.81* 50007078THYGERSON PATTI ANN $56.31 50008010THOMAS ANDRA E $1,110.32 50009008MORGAN SAM W$533.57 50009011MONEY MICHAEL GENE$410.36 50009014BMONEY MICHAEL G$136.30 50010011BRADFORD NOBLE M$359.33* 50011014CHICANOS POR LA CAUSA INC $67.49 50012005ELMER ALVIN C/BETTY J (BD) $34.60 50020018DUNCAN MICHAEL$263.43* 50021012WHITE GERALD T/LOUANNE$243.62 50022044HALSTEAD MICHAEL/JUANITA $64.14 50023008SHELTON AMANDA JO$867.07 50023057APODACA MARVILLA $48.76 50023067RICHARD BILLY J $81.68 50023081RODRIGUEZ STEVE$143.20 50023085SHELTON AMANDA JO $63.29 50025037FLIPPO THOMAS D/PATRICK W $4,140.84* 50025045PETERSON JOSIE V $33.54 50027006AKSTIN JEFF$428.86* 50028004YANDELL LEONARD/GERTRUDE $63.29 50028110MENDELSOHN DEBORAH$432.68 50028118O'DELL NORMA M$804.93* 50028119O'DELL NORMA M$617.55* 50029050MILLER ROBERT PICASO$566.58* 50030017AKSTIN JEFF$231.04* 50031049CHERNANDEZ JUAN / APRIL$310.61 50031066AKSTIN JEFF$252.23* 50033016AKSTIN JEFF$414.39* 50037001ALAZY B CATTLE COMPANY $62.10 50040016RODRIGUEZ STEVE $7.42 50040017RODRIGUEZ STEVE $12.10 50050018BBERRY DENISE$373.85 50050019CASEY DOUGLAS K/CECELIA $3,629.29* 50051021MILLER ROBERT PICASO $96.87* 50051032MONTOYA ANTONIO G $31.63 50056003BYRON GIB/REBECCA$389.49* 50058003SWAPP AMY LYNN $7.94 50058009AMONTOYA VICTORIA MARIE$382.56 50058014SWAPP AMY LYNN$586.27 50059002ARMSTRONG ROY A $6,092.34* 50059018AVAUGHN WESLEY A $91.03 50059018BVAUGHN WESLEY A$775.35 50059034TRAMMELL DONALD $81.61 50059040ROGERS KATHY D$389.09 50059056MONTOYA ANTONIO G $9.70 50059068MONTOYA ANTONIO G $6.87 50067006ARAGON MARCELINO M $4,079.64* 60027004CBENNETT DENNY/KRISTINA$283.18 60031004AADEN MAURINE (BD) $1,642.06 60034018CRANFORD JOSEPH H$536.75* *PRIOR YEAR TAX/ASSESSMENT OR TAX SALES EXISTS Req: Greenlee County Treasurer Published: February 03, 2021 in the Copper Era, Clifton, AZ 85533

Public Notice ID: 26248066

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